A La Moda

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Techno, techno, techno.

Hailing from Southampton and repping the SO15 crew Kam Moda first caught my attention with this track "Swan" and its dirty techno stylings.

Knowing almost nothing about this newcomer to the scene does little to detract from this clever piece of tuneage he has created. With the bass reminiscent of the pump and woosh found in the best of Blawan's output, the tune keeps things firmly dance floor footed. Clunky and mechanical, the percussion has a crisp and distinct sound. It all feels fresh with the rhythm plodding along throughout the track, settling down nicely for a middle 8 building to a drop and introducing a deep pad stab that plays out the rest of the tune. Hinting at good things to come from this young producer, this track is an impressive first outing. Check his soundcloud for a few newer tracks and more tunes as they develop.

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