Control Freak

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Get your freak on.

It's not like Disclosure actually need anymore promotion then they are already getting. The day I heard "Tenderly" playing over the shop radio while picking up avocados in Marks & Spencers at Liverpool Street Station, was the day I knew these fine young gentlemen had reached a level of publicity far beyond what most underground dance music acts would ever dream of. And more power to them, you can hardly fault them for putting out such well crafted and sonically pleasing tunes.

But after seeing that the unofficial video for "What's in your head" had already racked up 900K views on youtube, I felt compelled to post this unofficial video for "Control" from the same Face EP on Greco Roman. To me this is the stand out tune of the release with Ria Ritchie's vocal a thing of beauty. Keep an eye on the lad's soundcloud for the occasional free download.

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