Cure For All Ails

Songs in the key of love?

Oh where oh where to begin? Perhaps due to the hilarity of MTV's Brostep Vs. Joystep parlava, when I first stumbled across the Sepalcure website and before actually pressing play on any of their tracks, I thought just for a fleeting moment that I was witness to the most sublime troll ever perpetrated on the aul tubes. Lovestep? Are they for real? Four minutes and forty two seconds later I was sure I had just heard the redefining of the undefinable.

Words simply do not suffice describing the beauty to be found in these sonic revelations. It literally needs to be heard to be believed, it's just that good. While resisting the urge to indulge in the kind of micro-generification that has irked many dubstep commentators and aficionados lately, I do however believe that these tracks represent a moment of definition similar to that described in Blackdown's "where do you call it" missive. But this is no line in the sand kind of moment. For me this is the Nuum coming full circle, back to one of its four constituent elements. House. Plain and simple.

The Hotflush vinyl release "Love Pressure" is due very soon and has been beautifully enhanced by Sougwen's hauntingly ethereal artistry. As far as first impressions go, it was love at first listen.

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