Girls Music Gets Trim

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Ladies night?

With my favourite name in dance, Walter Ego on the buttons and grime legend in the making TRIM in tow (shock horror no link to a twitter account) this soon to be released gem on Girls Music was always going to be something special. I could go on and on about Walter. His recent collab with 2046 was insanely good, his UTTU release was on point and his new tracks for senseless records are straight up bangers, but when you throw him and Trim together you get something really special, The New British as some would call it.

It's grime with that Trim flow, after years of grinding it out with the Roll Deep Crew and even longer since he broke out on his own, the script on this tune is as ever cryptic and syncopated. What can you say really about the man's delivery? For once an MC that doesn't make me wince at the content of his lyrics.

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