Neurosonics Live and in Holovision

Hip Hop head's holographic beats?

You've probably already seen these tech lads other scratchtastic vids on the net. This live holographic outing though takes things to a whole different level. Where can I buy one of these drum kits please? I've a few ideas who's heads I would happily use to bash out some beats.

Perhaps more importantly though, when is holographic technology actually gonna make some steps towards becoming a commercial reality. That Sega hologram video game 20 years ago was dire even if it was Rick Dyer creation. It's 2010 now folks and to be honest, Avatar was great for all the CGI but the 3D itself wasn't much of a leap forward from Michael Jackson's Captain EO Disneyland ride way back in '86. Tron Legacy IMAX 3D had better rule and come with those wrap around 3D glasses. In like Flynn, as they say.

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