North London Arsenal?

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2nd Drop dropping heavy bombs.

Every once in a while a new artist sneaks up on you and their debut 12" lands in your grubby little paws without any warning of the awesomeness etched into those squiggly little grooves. This recent release from 2nd Drop records is exactly one of those little gems.

South London Ordnance is one those plucky individuals whose music sounds incredibly rich and complex without sounding fussed over. Almost organic in conception, yet thoroughly digital in its implementation, this 12" features two great tracks that could both easily find their way to the dj booth. For me though, the b-side roofy is the stand out track. Deep, dark and pulsating, it immediately makes me want to hear it at full blast in a warehouse on a huge rig. Check out his soundcloud for more tunes and advance warning of the next bombing run.

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