Slugabed Hits The Snail On The Head

YouTube Preview Image

Neoncat overlawd is amused.

With 8bit synth attack lazers set to obliterate and rumbletron bass inducer activated, this half time plodding beat monster crushes all in its way. This is purple wow in the key of awesome and without the fromage frais. With more than a subtle nod to Floyd in the visuals department, the video is top notch fare. The 80's influence is overt, but tastefully done. Someone has to ask though what's the story with slugs/pyramid/tron/pixel & vector design aesthetic resurgence at the moment? Did the graphic designers from EDGE all end up in the London underground record label scene?

Anyway, the man himself, Slugabed, is on top of his game with this stellar new release. Wonky UK hip hop was the flavour of the day long enough now for it all to have gone a little stale for me of late. Well, that was until this little video surfaced.

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