Smoke / Grind / Sleep

Decade later devastator.

Back in 93 a bunch of us drove to Van to catch Brutal Truth opening up for Cannibal Corpse. Their set that night would forever change my opinion of what a grindcore band was capable of. After a few seminal albums and numerous years of touring the band broke up.

A decade on the boys got back together and succeeded in proving that band reunions need not be cynical pension plans for has been rockers trying to relive their glory years doing cover versions of their own material.

Their comeback album, "Evolution Through Revolution", is harsher, faster and more pure badass grind than mere mortals are capable of producing. Seeing them on two tours now since they've reformed, all I can say is that Rich Hoak and the rest of the lads continue to amaze me, playing faster now then they did back in the day.

One day if I get my shite together I will edit up some of the video and audio I have of those tours and upload it along with some pics here at ak.vwat.net. Smoke, Grind, Sleep, indeed.

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