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Casiono a Go Go

Welcome back from across the pond.

Just as familial bonds make for great band mates, time heals all wounds and after an almost three year pause The Yoko Casionos are back.

This recently surfaced live vid is an encouraging development. The Yoko's distinct dub laced indie pop sound, so brilliantly showcased on their debut album "These Are the New Old Times", continues to impress.

Its been a long journey knowing Juice and the Reid twins all these years. From the basement jams of castle negligence circa 93 to Misty and Juice's first demo together a la T Dot 97. From the fledgling Yoko's El Mocambo romps to me missing them hitting their stride during the noughties in Van City after I jumped ship to the emerald isle. But friends keep a watch from afar. These continue to be indeed, the new old times.