We Now Return To Our Regular Scheduled Programming

Over 6 months ago I put my last post up on this blog. It was the middle of summer 2010, we were in the process of throwing a party over at the house to celebrate my birthday and Gon's record being released. Things were looking sweet for the summer ahead with a trip to Italy all planned for the end of summer. But fate has a way of conspiring against the best of intentions and within a few weeks the shape of summer would change dramatically.

On returning from holidays the somber task of dismantling Studio Dudio was upon us. The world economy may have imploded a year and a half earlier, but things in Ireland were only starting to get really bleak. Gon & Halfdutch were on the move to London for pastures greener (well grayer actually but nonetheless), in hopes of finding work and escaping from the seemingly never ending Irish bitch & moan session that has become a national pastime round these parts. A sensible move and I would be remiss to say I wasn't in some ways envious of their departure.

Some of us though would have to stay behind. Man the sinking ship as it would be. And so, somethings fell by the wayside. Like this blog, and more importantly our internet connection. For the last 6 months we have embraced a relatively Luddite condition and have been living without ever since. It has been a tough experiment, but now with the start of a new year there looks to be a sliver of hope on the horizon. 30Mbps fibre power broadband has been on promise for a couple of years now and while living in a country that still doesn't use post codes provides little confidence that the future is about arrive any day soon, I still hold on to the dream and have resolved to continue on with this blog regardless.

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